Biofyl Scientific Research (formerly BioSciences Research Associates) is an independent contract research laboratory providing scientific services to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies for product development and clinical trial support.  We are located in Fort Myers, Florida in Regenerative Medicine Plaza.

Biofly Scientific Research is formally the Center for Blood Research Laboratories, Inc. (CBRL).  CBRL originated as a wholly owned subsidiary of The CBR Biomedical Research Institute (now known as the Immune Disease Institute or IDI) a medical research center affiliated academically with Harvard Medical School and focused on inflammation and the immune response.  The IDI roots go back to The Blood Research Institute founded in 1952 by Dr. Edwin J. Cohn, which subsequently merged with the Blood Grouping Laboratory directed by Dr. Louis Diamond to create the CBR in 1972.

Biofyl Scientific Research has a wealth of experience and particular expertise in the field of autologous biologics, in the production and evaluation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow stem cell concentrates and the devices that generate these therapies. We provide our customers with efficient scientific services in a cGMP compliant environment.